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Testimonial: Wheeler, Stephanie

We all know the power of stories to build connections with people, knowledge and ideas. The vision of LSP magazine to provide a regular means of sharing and communicating stories to help the LSP community to grow in knowledge and expertise and to connect is something which I'm very excited to be involved with.

Stephanie Wheeler LEGO SERIOUS PLAY Facilitator

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LSP Magazine, Issue no. 8  October1st  Membership
Art of LSP Continuously
IKIGAI and LSP Expected December Practical Guide
LSP Magazine 9 January 1st, 2023 Membership


The LSP Magazine is there to inspire you with articles, examples and visuals.

The LSP Magazine focuses on business and societal topics.


The LSP Magazine stimulates and encourages you to challenge yourself and your clients on a path forward

The LSP Magazine addresses in each issue different insights on a topic related to business and society.


The LSP Magazine encourages you to try and just do. Thinking with your hands will help you to make complexity tangible.

The LSP Magazine aims to deliver usable content, background information and hands-on tools.

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