Facilitator Antonio Maturano Huerta

Meet Antonio Maturano Huerta (Mexico)

My name is Antonio Maturano Huerta, and I live in Querétaro, Mexico. I have had the opportunity to contribute to the review of LSP on three occasions (editions 10, 11, and 12), and I am pleased to share some of my experiences with our community. In addition to my LSP certification, which I obtained eight years ago, I have specialised in project management. I hold certifications such as PMP®, PRINCE2®, and Internal Auditor for Project Management Systems ISO 21500:2013. I have also focused on training and developing leadership skills, and in every workshop I facilitate, I am passionate about combining these experiences.

How did you get to know the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method? Can you share a few lines of LSP back then?

The first time I heard about Lego Serious Play was during my master’s degree in Organisational Management in 2013, specifically in the Business Management course. It caught my attention at that time, but I didn’t delve into it further as I was just beginning my studies.

It was in 2015 when, while searching for dynamics to apply to my work teams, I came across a publication about LSP certification offered by Lucio Margulis in Mexico City. I remembered what our professor had mentioned previously, and I immediately became interested in enrolling.

From the very first day of the training, I fell in love with the methodology. Prior to this workshop, I had never played with LEGO® bricks. For me, it was ‘love at first sight’ as I saw the potential for numerous applications and the significant positive impact that could be achieved by asking the right questions.

Facilitator Antonio Maturano Huerta
Facilitator Antonio Maturano Huerta

What was your last experience, your last workshop with LSP? Online / offline?

I would like to share the immense satisfaction I gained from facilitating a workshop for a Technology Solutions company. I had the opportunity to assist them in identifying potential projects aligned with the organisation’s initiatives, as well as in outlining their project portfolio planning and management. The challenge was to develop clear project proposals and ensure their registration to guarantee successful development and implementation. The most rewarding aspect was witnessing the client’s discoveries about projects they had not previously considered, and their ability to visualise possible solutions through 3D models. This allowed the team to make valuable contributions and further enrich the proposals.

What is your aspiration with the LSP method?

My aspiration is to help more individuals and businesses identify areas of opportunity and maximise their strengths through the LSP methodology. I aim to facilitate the creative process of generating innovative ideas, integrating LSP with other tools to elevate the quality of work. Ultimately, I wish to contribute to the personal development of individuals, helping them recognise their significant potential and foster their growth.

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