Facilitator Hanka Schiebold

Meet Hanka Schiebold (Germany)

About my job

During their training, doctors and dentists only deal with the medical issues of their profession. If later, they work in their own practice or clinic, they must manage staff and organise their practice procedures.

A good leadership culture is also a top priority for medical staff, and today medical practices attract good staff by creating an appreciative working atmosphere. Without knowledge of personnel management, conflicts often arise in practices.

I support doctors and dentists in developing their leadership skills and to lead their staff safely. In this way, they ensure a pleasant working atmosphere and retain their staff in the company. As a grassroots expert, I bring different perspectives: employee, entrepreneur, and working mother; acting at eye-level with all parties involved. In this way, I see myself as a ‘climate expert’ for interpersonal interaction in medicine.

How did you get to know the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method?

I got to know the LSP method in 2018 through my professional network in a session with Ellen Johannsen. I was immediately fascinated by the creativity with which we worked together as an unknown group. Qualities of the people, positions and interfaces became clear very quickly.

For my clients and the teams, the work in the company is very unfamiliar, and the method offers easier access to supposedly difficult topics. I wanted the speed, sustainability, and creativity for my clients as well and so I was trained by Per Kristiansen in 2019 and have been using this method enthusiastically ever since.

In which area (topics) do you mostly use the LSP method?

I like to use the LSP method at the beginning of a consulting process. In this way, management and staff work together in an unusually creative way, away from their medical expertise. They make their values visible; they define their cooperation and unspoken issues are brought to the table. In this way, they filter change topics together and then agree on priorities.

What was your last workshop or project with LSP? How did your client benefit from it?

In the last project, pressing conflict issues were visualised in a light way and I was able to guide both the team and the practice management into a constructive solution.

Facilitator Hanka Schiebold

What are your goals/ideas with LSP for the next year?

After the 3D Canvas Practitioner Workshop with Michel Cloosterman and Matthias Renner, I am working on a programme for new entrepreneurs. With this clear technique, the concept of the practice or services can be clearly defined, and interfaces identified in a clearly structured way. The previous hurdle of bringing together the complex system of a practice and one’s own ideas is achieved quickly, clearly, and tangibly. In this way, all those involved quickly gain clarity and confidence in the structure of the practice and the upcoming To Do’s.

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