Facilitator Laila Ishaq

Meet Laila Ishaq (Pakistan)

LEGO® was a household feature when I was growing up. While I was never drawn to the aesthetic building, I was always thrilled to explore the possibility of mindsetinnovate to excel, driving imagination and most importantly have fun.  An avid believer of challenging the status quo compelled me to explore and actualise the LEGO® Serious Play® (LSP) method for facilitation.

In a global population of seven-plus billion, the LSP community is rising slowly but surely. I take immense pride in being the first Pakistani female to be certified in the method [we had only one other male member certified prior to me in the country] and offering it to potential customers.

Facilitator Laila Ishaq

My pursuit to make LSP a reality for myself was led by the association of what some find the invasive process of questioning. For me, the success of LSP is deeply rooted in crafting the right questions which can only happen when the client can truly identify the ‘ultimate challenge that needs to be unlocked by building together’. I have seen participants’ physiology change when they experience a ‘challenge’ that they have perhaps not thought of or the fact that they are able to see and listen to responses from their team members. This is a plus in achieving the UNEXPECTED and in real time. Furthermore, I believe incorporating LSP allows for higher levels of participation, not only because it encourages 100-100 engagement but that it encourages an adult to experience ‘play’ – an element we generally don’t make time for in our routines.

Workshop Laila Ishaq

My experience with delivering LSP workshops over the last five years has been diverse from audience profiles to industries and, of course, unpacking unique focus areas with the method. My most recent experience was with a group from the finance sector. The workshop’s aim was teambuilding, and I incorporated the method to create awareness about self and everyone putting forward how their unique ‘superpower’ contributes to the organisation. LSP served as the glue in bringing together characteristics that were previously hidden and building a landscape enabling a deeper understanding of how, through their unique ability, they hold the fort together on an aligned purpose. As for 2022, I aspire for a rise in face-to-face connection building play series, as I believe that is a deficit we need to refuel with acknowledging emotions and resetting our future. 

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