Monique van Helden

Design, web and text

Michel asked me for a brief introduction of myself. Well, here it is: in 2006 I started my own agency as a graphic designer. My passion lies in guiding starting entrepre­neurs through the entire process. First a logo design, a corporate identity and then a website and even content (text) for the website.

Why working on the LSP Magazine?

Well, to put it simply, the LEGO® bricks are very appealing to me. My husband and I were both avid LEGO builders when we were children, and so were our own son and daughter. When they were little we always had a lot of ‘bricks’ lying around the house. Even my father had his role in this: he built a special chest of drawers for us, just right for lots of bricks sorted in color and shape.

Another reason, besides the obvious fascination for the colored bricks, is that Michel and I go back to 2012 when we first met and started our working relationship. Soon after that I had my introduction in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® during a workshop in a social Christmas event, organized by Michel to say thanks to all people that worked with him at that time. During the years I did a lot of work for Michel, from flyers and brochures to workbooks for workshops. And of course not every assignment was equally exciting and challenging, but ‘that’s life’.

And now something new is starting.

And this new thing most certainly ís a challenge. After the first period in which Victor Pérez Moraga, as the creative brain, set a very high standard for this magazine and for the Practical gui-des, I am now taking over. For me, being a designer working for start-ups mostly, designing a magazine is not happening very often. So, I am really thrilled to get that opportunity.

For the future I will definitely make some changes. Of course, I am a designer and no matter how good someone else’s work is, for sure I have my own ideas about it. In time, loyal readers will discover my signature, my contribution. I am looking forward to it!

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