Vol 06 – Futures Thinking

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Practicing Futures Thinking with LSP allows us to design a future Scenario with formal tools and “physically enter” this future Scenario; in that moment we build the cognitive structures in our minds that allow us to “experience” it as if it were real.

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We think the future as “direct consequence” of the past and the present. This happens for several reasons, not least that our minds seek security and reject insecurity: it is difficult to decide how to move in an uncertain context.
The future is not yet written. We can help write it, for better or for worse.
We need methods that enables us to think about the future free from the constraints of what we know, see, and experience today; hooked into the present but not bound by it. And so, we discover that there are many possible future directions and that among them we can choose the future we wish to build.



    1. Don’t try to apply the method and to execute the topics of this workshop, without being practised or trained as a facilitator in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method.
    2. Have respect for the work of the author and respect the copyright; therefore don’t resale or copy the Practical Guide.

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Cobianchi, Roberto, Margulis, Lucio


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