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This is Tari

Let me introduce myself first. My name is Tari Dekkers, daughter of Michel Cloosterman. I’m 29 years old and I love to travel (preferably on a cruise ship) together with my husband and two daughters. I’ve worked for the LSP Magazine since February 2023 after we came home from more than a year of travelling full time. It was an unforgettable experience to see many different places and cultures and experience them through the eyes of our two girls (four and one years old). This world trip changed my life in many ways having quit my job as an HR team manager. The most important thing is that it made clear to me that, if you have a dream, you can make it come true. It takes hard work, thoughtful risk taking and a clear perspective on your goals. At the end, I’m really happy we have a backpack filled with family experiences from all over the world.

What made you decide to contribute to the LSP Magazine?

I’ve been part of the LSP Magazine journey from day one since my father is the publisher. We both love to talk about our ambitions, personal goals and how to achieve them so I always knew what his plans were for the magazine. Since we began our world trip, I started to build an Instagram community for families who love to travel and cruise. That’s when I discovered the world of online marketing and then our two worlds came together when I said “yes” to my dad’s suggestion of working together!

Now that we published LSP Magazine number 11, what made you decide to continue?

As a team, we still have a lot of ideas and ambitions to make LSP Magazine more than a magazine. I see how the magazine and its community grow every time, so I know there is still so much possible, and I love to contribute to that.

Any thoughts on the development of the LSP Magazine, or ideas what could be changed?

Tari Dekkers
Tari Dekkers

When I imagine I could be a LSP facilitator I would absolutely be a fan of the LSP Magazine. Not only by reading it, but also to have the opportunity to build a network with other facilitators to learn from each other and to stay focused on new developments and new opportunities. That’s why I think there’s more possible, I would love to facilitate a community with LSP facilitators from all over the world. The LSP Magazine must be the place where you find other facilitators, look for interesting articles about the LSP method, research methods, podcasts, (audio) books and so on.

What’s next …any thoughts, critical notes

The LSP Magazine needs focus from the whole team. It’s not a hobby or something we just like to do. It’s another type of business with huge opportunities and that comes together with a lot of dedication. That’s something I believe in and want to make possible!

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