Terms of Delivery membership


Membership Terms of Delivery


  1. General

1.1.           These membership terms of delivery ar written for:

  • Buyer: The person or company who closes a membership or who buys an article from our web shop
  • Membership: The agreement closed in order to provide periodic (online) delivery of The LSP Magazine published by The LSP Magazine.
  • Promotion: The welcome offer provided for new members at the start of their membership.
  • The LSP Magazine: The LSP Magazine, Smaragd 21, 5345TL Oss, Chamber of Commerce number 75121874 VAT number; NL 8601.51.220 B01
  • Conditions : The general and specific terms and conditions


1.2.          These Terms of Delivery are applicable on:

  • All memberships on the by LSP Magazine published magazines and
  • All agreements of the delivery of specific products bought in the webshop of the LSP Magazine.
  • A Membership consists of the delivery of the by LSP Magazine published online magazine for the by closure agreed term, according the specific terms of the selected membership.
  • The set terms in this terms of delivery can only be overruled when this is specifically agreed on in written; If this is the case for a specific point all other terms still apply.
  • Memberships can only be closed by persons above the age of 18.
  • The LSP Magazine has the legal right to suspend or cancel the publishing of the magazine at any given point without prior approval of the member. The LSP Magazine is not obligated to provide any services after this termination. The Buyer will receive a refund of the membership fee which has been payed up front for all magazines that haven’t been published from the moment of termination.

1.3            In cases of complaints on the membership:

  • the buyer can contact The LSP magazine by sending an email to magazine@lspmagazine.com. The LSP Magazine will respond to complaints within 28 days.
  • The LSP Magazine reserves the right to make changes in the terms of conditions and terms of delivery. The changed terms apply from date of publishing on all memberships closed between buyer and The LSP Magazine. Therefore it is advised to check updates on the terms regularly.


  1. New memberships

2.1           A membership runs per calendar year and can start at any given date.

2.2           Discounts or welcome offers only apply on members who haven’t been a member before. When a member is a returning                 member, other offers may apply.

2.3           Products or services offered as a welcome offer for new members will be delivered within 6 weeks after receiving the                     payment. When delivery is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, the buyer will be notified.

2.4           The LSP Magazine cannot be hold responsible for any damage occurred by exceeding the date of delivery.


  1. Right of withdrawal

3.1           The Buyer has the possibility to:

  • In case of membership: Within 14 days of closing a membership, the buyer has the right to terminate the membership, no questions asked.
  • In case of a web shop article: digital products such as, but not limited to, books and workshops cannot be returned and refunded. If you have complaints you can use our contact details.

3.2           The buyer can use the right of withdrawal by contacting our customer services within the given time. Contact details can                  be found under 1.7.

3.3           When Buyer uses the right of withdrawal, membership money will be refunded, reduced with the prize of the magazine                     read during the membership.

3.4            The refund will be done within 28 days, after the written confirmation. It is legally prohibited to keep any (digital) copies                    of the LSP magazine when the right of withdrawal is used.


  1. Length and termination of the membership.

4.1           The membership will be closed for 1 calendar year and will be automatically renewed (except for self-terminated                               memberships). Within the membership term no early terminations are accepted. When Buyer decides to term the                             membership, it will automatically stop at the beginning of a new year. The membership can be termed latest one month                   prior to renewal by sending an email to our customer services (contact details can be found under article .7

4.2           The automatic membership renewal will always renew the membership with a full calendar year. On this renewed                             membership, all conditions as in article 4.1. apply.


  1. Membership payments and methods of payment

5.1            Initial payment of the membership will take place at the start of the membership period and automatic renewals will be                   charged on the same method of payment unless the buyer states differently. Buyer can use the following payment                           methods: Creditcard and Paypal.

5.2           When payment isn’t received on time due to insufficient funds or cancellation a reminder fee will be charged. The LSP                       Magazine reserves the right to term the membership immediately when payment hasn’t been received after the                               reminder period.

5.3           All membership fees are in US dollars including VAT.

5.4           The LSP Magazine reserves the right to change the membership fee every new calendar year and will inform all members                 at least 4 weeks prior to the new membership fee.


  1. Privacy and data protection policy

6.1           The LSP Magazine respects the privacy of all buyers. The processing of the provided data of the buyer will be done                             according to our privacy policy, which can be found on our website.


  1. Complaints

7.1            The Buyer will send any complaints on the membership or products related to the membership as soon as possible after                  the complaints occur. Complaints can be send to our customer services department under article 1.7.

7.2           The LSP Magazine will take all complaints seriously and will revert with an answer within 28 days after receiving the                           complaint.


  1. Liability

8.1           The LSP Magazine can only be held responsible for any damage to the Buyer when the actual damage can be related to                     The LSP Magazine in full. The LSP Magazine cannot be held responsible for any damage that occurs when using the                           products of The LSP Magazine.

8.2          The LSP Magazine cannot be held responsible for any damage that is the result of force majeure.

8.3          The terms and conditions, such as Membership fees, are all subjected to typesetting errors.


  1. Other provisions

9.1           When one of the terms is unlawfully classified, all other terms and conditions still apply.

9.2          Dutch law is applicable on all of the terms and conditions. These terms are valid from October 2020 and still apply.

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