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Meet Tisha Reid (Canada)

It just clicked …

Since I started my career in training and development over 16 years ago, I was known as the one always to have two things in my sessions: candy and fun activities, so imagine my delight when I discovered LEGO® Serious Play®!

In spring 2021, I decided to leave my 9-5 and relaunch my training and development company REID Training Group, and I was looking totake a course that would build upon my skills, but I didn’t want to go back to school. After a few days of searching online, I came across LEGO® Serious Play®, and it just clicked (pun intended!), and I knew this was what I wanted to do.

Before getting certified, I spent hours upon hours researching the method and bought every book I could find about LSP. I became a certified LSP facilitator in October and incorporated the technique into my workshops.

Most recently, I facilitated an LSP workshop for a group of women who were starting their entrepreneurial journey. It was an excellent experience for all of us as I was able to see the power of the method, and the ladies were able to get clarity on their business through the building of the models (attached). As an LSP facilitator, I enjoy seeing participants’ faces light up as they walk in and see the LEGO® on the tables. There is a mix of excitement and a bit of trepidation as they are unsure what is about to occur, but as we get deeper into the workshop, it turns into wonder and curiosity as the insights start coming out. It is fascinating to witness.

Another thing that I appreciate is the amount of support that is available; in Canada, I haven’t met many people who facilitate using this method. Still, online, I belong to several LSP communities (StrategicPlay, Serious Play and LSP Community) where people are kind enough to share their experiences, resources and suggestions on making the method my own.

I remember when I was working for a cruise line as the Training and Development Manager. My dream then was to be able to work in the hospitality field conducting workshops and developing training programs for hotels and tourism boards. I can see myself in the very near future doing this with LEGO® Serious Play® for the hospitality industry in the Caribbean and in Africa (Ghana and Nigeria). Putting it out into the universe and working to make it happen!

Workshop Tisha Reid
Extracting simple guiding principles

What is your aspiration with the LSP method?

My aspiration for the next period is to implement workshops focused on strategic deliverables, document the findings in an objective way and demonstrate that the methodology requires a critical approach, not only in 3D, but to translate it into a 2D medium: reports and deliverables. At the end, we must refer at this as: “Back to the basics”.

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