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What’s a better idea than unveiling LEGO SERIOUS PLAY in a business context through a Pictorial Guide?

Simon Dutton is a specialist in the creation of situation sketches and scenarios using the LEGO® bricks, showing you the ability to provide a different approach for problem-solving in your business. In this Pictorial Guide we invite you to embrace the transformative potential of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method and embark on a journey of discovery and innovation.

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Unlock the power of creativity and collaboration in your business with this groundbreaking pictorial guidebook, ‘GROWING YOUR BUSINESS with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY’ in a business context’.

Through the power of visual communication and storytelling, this book showcases short stories how the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY methodology can support your organization’s problem-solving abilities and drive growth. Whether you are a small start-up looking to expand or a well-established corporation seeking fresh strategies, ‘GROWING YOUR BUSINESS’, with also photos in it, offers a practical and engaging approach that will inspire innovation and transform the way you do business.

This Pictorial Guide is more than just a book for professionals of the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method. It is meant for all those individuals who appreciate a visually appealing and engaging manner to be inspired, in search of creativity and a different approach in a business context. It is therefore a great book to start a conversation using the business stories in it. It can serve as a powerful tool to showcase business issues. It is there to inform you in what is possible using the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method. And is great source of inspiration that should be there on a management table, sharing coffee table or at home for a moment of ‘a-haa’.

Are you ready to embark and unlock the full potential of your business with the power of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY? Get ready to build success, one story at a time.


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