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Matthias Renner: LSP is like cooking

Matthias has been involved with the LSP Magazine from the very beginning. In the early days mostly as a colleague for reflection, writing articles, co-writer of the Practical Guide ‘Preparation is Everything’, and as co-organiser of the online launch of the first series of Practical Guides. Matthias became more involved when we talked about expanding the web shop with articles from LSP Magazine. He had a solution to present the articles in a clear way and his background in the IT sector came in handy here.  Matthias slowly but surely became more and more involved with the magazine. It’s time to introduce him to you.

The first question I’d like to put to you, Matthias, is maybe a bit challenging. When I asked you to become part of the LSP Magazine team, what made you decide to do so?

It felt like a logical step since we were already talking about it. Some editions were already published, and I remember that as the magazine grew, more questions came in that needed support. We already worked together in Germany delivering training and workshops and, since I’m also hosting the DACH community website of the Association of Master Trainers (LSP Magazine: the website for facilitators from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland), it felt a logical next step for me to say: “Yes, of course I want to become part of the team.”

Working on the LSP Magazine also creates the possibility to work on a broad range of topics related to the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) Method. Besides the different topics my clients ask me to work on, I now come across those from other colleagues: I can address ideas to put into the LSP Magazine; I’ve started writing about LSP, and worked with colleagues on strategic questions, like how to get more facilitators involved. The fact that we put effort into reaching out to other colleagues, where maybe a few of them have relatively little contact with others makes the effort worthwhile.

My contribution to the LSP Magazine is not to become rich, money-wise. The enrichment comes from the enjoyment, the inspiration, the feedback, the new ideas and if things work out well, the exposure you can gain from it. I compare the time I put into the LSP Magazine, with cooking. I love to spend hours in the kitchen. It is relaxing, creates fantastic FLOW moments, sometimes a bit of stress, but always with a fantastic feeling afterwards. It is rewarding and food for life.

What is next, what could we do more with the LSP Magazine ?

I hope in 2023 we find the time to work more on developing the Practical Guides. We can of course refer to the Bricks on Tour, which I wrote about in Issue 9 of the magazine. It is great that, what was a spontaneous idea, is now -unexpectedly- to have a sequel. Then there is the idea of writing another Practical Guide; about cooking. At the moment I am challenging myself a bit with the idea of combining my cooking experiences with LEGO SERIOUS PLAY. How? …so, that is work in progress.

I believe it is good that there will be more focus on coaching in the LSP magazine, it’s great that our colleague Stephanie Wheeler is giving further substance to that.

May I add another suggestion? And I know it is a huge challenge, … possibly that we could start publishing an LSP Magazine in a second language, say: Spanish ? I foresee a great future for the LSP Magazine with plenty of ideas to work on. Thanks for having me.

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