VOL 9: How to Master Your Future Skills (English Version)

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Vol 9: How to Master Your Future Skills (English Version)

This is not your usual LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® (LSP) Practical Guide. It is designed for facilitators of the LSP method to help clients with their future skills and grow their adaptive mindset and innovative capacities. It is also helpful to follow this guide yourself to grow your own capabilities and get a better understanding of this mindset and skills, what they mean and what it takes.

In this Practical Guide we give you the pillars that help signal change in the world around us, to set things in motion and to lead change. It is a mix of a creative and critical views, an enterprising attitude, and the art of responsible leadership to become resilient in changing circumstances. Apart from the tools needed to do this, it is even more a matter of the right skills set and mindset. The purpose of this guide is to stimulate professionals to work on these future skills. To provide more agility in your thinking and be sure you stay relevant in the future
and are able to keep delivering value in an everchanging world.


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