Vol 01 – Playing for Success

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The Practical Guide book (PG) “Playing for Success” contains background information on Project Management and how it can be applied in a workshop with the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method. This book contains background information as well as a complete roadmap with questions and instructions for conducting a workshop with clients. Every facilitator who works with clients and groups dealing with projects, will gain enormously from this book, because of all the useful tips, insights and instructions.

Along with this book we offer members of the LSP Magazine a 20 minute video which gives an overview of the topic. After purchasing the book you can also reach out to the author Simon Dutton for questions.


    1. Don’t try to apply the method and to execute the topics of this workshop, without being practised or trained as a facilitator in the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method.
    2. Have respect for the work of the author and respect the copyright; therefore don’t resale the Practical Guide.

Price Guidelines:

Members receive an attractive discount on the regular price. If you are delivering workshop on the topic of Project Management, this Practical Guide contains 6 workshop designs, including the questions to ask, the time schedule and tips for materials and set-up.

This Practical Guide book is a winner for every LSP facilitator. 




Dutton, Simon


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